David Rogers

David’s leadership at the H. E. Butt Foundation spans three decades—he has led the organization through its transformation from a primarily camping-focused culture into a culture-shaping organization known internationally for its commitment to hospitality and excellence.

For more than two decades, David led the H. E. Butt Foundation camp and Laity Lodge programs. During that period, he also launched two new programs: Laity Lodge Family Camp and H. E. Butt Foundation Outdoor School. In 2015, he was named President and CEO in 2015 and has led several new community engagement initiatives in San Antonio and South Texas since.

David is skilled at relational team building and leadership development. Under his leadership, the foundation has grown to one of the largest foundations in Texas and one of the largest operating foundations in the United States.

David earned a BA from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He lives in San Antonio with his wife, Deborah Butt Rogers.