All employees of the H. E. Butt Foundation should be aware of some key features of our culture:

First, we are a faith-based organization, rooted in Christianity and guided by our faith convictions and a legacy of Christian witness. Our mission, values, and anchors are all driven by our faith. Each week, we gather for devotions as a staff, where we often read the Bible and pray together.

Second, we are an equal opportunity employer, and we follow the guidance of the E.E.O.C. As a religious organization, we require and expect a Christian faith commitment for specific leadership and ministry roles.

Third, we have three distinct work locations—Kerrville, San Antonio, and the Canyon. From these workspaces, we operate a wide range of programs, from Christian camps and retreats to outdoor education to community engagement in rural and urban settings.

We have changed and grown a lot over the years, but these combined aspects of our culture have long made the H. E. Butt Foundation a unique place to work. As Howard Butt Jr. wrote about himself in 1973:

“I am a man apart in the world of religion. I am too conservative for the liberals, too liberal for the conservatives, too unpredictable for the middle-of-the-roaders, too contemporary for the traditionalists, too old-fashioned for the avant-garde.”

What was true of Mr. Butt is also true of the organization he led for many decades.

Working here means being around a lot of Christians, but it also means working alongside people from a wide range of backgrounds, holding a wide range of views. It means being comfortable with and respectful of different viewpoints.

No matter your background or personal beliefs, our goal is for everyone who works here to experience belonging–confidence that they can be themselves and feel represented and respected. Working here involves helping all of us move toward that goal.