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Last fall, we sent out a community survey. It has been surprising and heartening to absorb the results of our survey, and we wanted to tell you what we found out about you.

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Can churches be the bridge?

Amid the chaos of downtown Austin, faith communities work together on behalf of their neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Most Popular Stories of 2023

Side By Side

Four musicians puzzled through the prompt: to create a song about peacemaking and connecting across differences.

Repairing To Be Repaired

Writer, Baylor professor, and Laity Lodge speaker Alan Jacobs reflects on the intersection of place and plans when coming to the Canyon.

Streetz: The King of Second Chances

Running a restaurant in order to reach kids is not for the faint of heart. Good thing Hubert Brown's heart is strong.

Below the Frio

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the East Fork of the Frio River. But only a few experience it like Scott Bauer.

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