We are pleased to provide two reports below, which have resulted from our special initiative to equip churches to help with mental wellness.

In 2018, The H. E. Butt Foundation engaged Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute to gather an inventory of faith and mental health initiatives in San Antonio as well as evidence-based faith and mental health practices taking place across Texas and nationally. To our knowledge, no repository of best practices and models currently exists that is readily available for people to learn about other resources and approaches, making this project of particular importance not only to San Antonio, but to people engaged in faith-related mental health initiatives around Texas and the nation.

Click the buttons below to learn more about the study Bringing Faith and Mental Health Together: An Inventory of Faith and Mental Health Initiatives in San Antonio and Nationally.

Our study with UTSA began in the fall of 2018. The Foundation partnered with 13 San Antonio-area Christian congregations and a research team at the University of Texas-San Antonio to study how churches respond to members of their congregations who might be experiencing mental health problems.

Click the buttons below to learn more about Health and Wellness in San Antonio, Texas: A Study by the H. E. Butt Foundation and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

If you find value in the work, we hope you will consider ways to reduce stigma and increase early intervention for people and their loved ones experiencing mental health challenges.

David M. Rogers
President and CEO