Foundation Opens San Antonio Office

The H. E. Butt Foundation is opening an office and convening space in San Antonio, and I’m so excited to tell you about it.

Since 1933, we’ve worked to cultivate wholeness in people and institutions for the transformation of communities throughout Texas. Much of our work has been concentrated in the Texas Hill Country, where we operate camps and retreats in the Frio River Canyon. Those programs are not changing—indeed, we’ve been strengthening them over the last several years, and we will continue to do so.

At the same time, starting in 2016 we launched series of initiatives on behalf of families and children in San Antonio, including a capacity building program that has served around 40 area nonprofits, a storytelling program—Know Your Neighbor—designed to build bridges across economic and social gaps, and other special initiatives focused on mental health and more.

Now, as we move into our new space on Sunset Road, we’re confirming our longterm commitment to this work in San Antonio.

The Sunset offices—which we’re calling simply “Sunset”—were designed by Jonathan Card, an architect and regular guest at Laity Lodge Family Camp. Card drew on his experience with the Foundation’s Canyon property to inform and inspire his design.

While Sunset is the home of our San Antonio work, the Foundation headquarters will remain located in Kerrville, where the Butt family founded its business and philanthropic work. We also continue to operate an extension office in Leakey for the Real County Community Initiative, another of our community engagement programs.

The H. E. Butt Foundation is proud to be part of this community. We hope Sunset will become a life-giving place to continue our work and, more importantly, to work with all of our partners in San Antonio as we strive together to cultivate wholeness throughout our city.


Is the H. E. Butt Foundation connected to H-E-B?
Why did you build an office in San Antonio?
What work happens here?
Are you hiring?
Is Sunset open to the public?

The H. E. Butt Foundation is a private operating foundation based in Kerrville, Leakey, and San Antonio, Texas, working to cultivate wholeness in people and institutions for the transformation of communities. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization financially and legally distinct from the H-E-B Grocery Company.