Meet New Echo Valley Director Tom Bowyer

For Tom Bowyer, summer camp meant 10-15 mile hikes in the rain and summit hikes up Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York State. As the new director at Echo Valley, Bowyer will be encouraging young teenagers to have adventures of their own.

Making Space at Family Camp

Last fall, a woman called ahead of a weekend retreat with Laity Lodge Family Camp to say that although her family was still coming, they would be minus one. She would arrive with her kids and brother, but no longer her husband.

Foundation Camp Never Sleeps

For H. E. Butt Foundation Camp, “business as usual” means hosting and caring for 22,000 people every year. John Kerr, Director of Foundation Camp, loves the challenge.

LLYC Campers and Parents Say So

Laity Lodge Youth Camp has recently been researching its impact on campers. Here’s a snapshot of their findings, with quotes from some campers and their parents.

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