LLYC Campers and Parents Say So

Did you know?

92% of parents said their child’s faith grew significantly at LLYC.

99% of parents said their child had a positive experience at LLYC.

LLYC Campers have a more positive attitude.

“My son has made leaps and bounds in being able to forgive and move ahead without anger and resentment.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers build and sustain healthy relationships.

“[Our children] became more confident in making new friends, and more considerate of others.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers are more engaged in Christian practices.

“[Our camper learned] how important it was to spend time alone with God each day.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers grow in overall maturity.

“He came home an entirely different child.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers are more confident and independent.

“LLYC helped all three of my children strive to take on leadership roles with their peers.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers connect God to their everyday lives.

“[Our daughter] had Post-It® Notes all over her room with prayers for others.”

—LLYC parent

LLYC Campers are more confident in their faith.

“[Our daughter] began asking some tough questions. She is now in the process of choosing faith versus simply accepting it.”

—LLYC parent
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