Meet New Echo Valley Director Tom Bowyer


For Tom Bowyer, summer camp meant 10-15 mile hikes in the rain and summit hikes up Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York State. As the new director at Echo Valley, Bowyer will be encouraging young teenagers to have adventures of their own. He believes summer camp should be filled with adventures because adventure is such an incredible teaching tool.

Of course, sometimes the most exciting experience for young teenagers is hanging out with friends. “These kids have to navigate relationships with 16 other guys they don’t know,” he explains. “That can be more challenging to guys than any Blue Hole jump or Circle Bluff hike.”

The challenges and accomplishments and healthy risks young people experience at LLYC do more than just build confidence. Bowyer and his counselors will help campers process their experiences in order to discover God all around them. “We have the most amazing college staff,” he says, “and they love Jesus.”

Bottom line? LLYC with Tom Bowyer will be what it has been for the past fifty years. “We promise the best two weeks of your life,” Bowyer says, “and I will help deliver on that promise.”

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