Six for San Antonio

The fifth cohort in our capacity-building program continues to elevate organizations serving families and children in central Texas.

Five years ago, the Foundation wondered, “What if the H. E. Butt Foundation walked alongside organizations serving children, youth, and families in San Antonio? What if, a decade from now, the effects of that work would ripple tenfold?” With that charge, we gathered a cohort of 15 leaders from five different organizations in San Antonio.

The goal: to help their organizations become more effective, efficient, and cooperative. We call it “capacity building,” and we just launched our fifth cohort of six organizations that will work together for 36 months to grow their organizations’ capacity.

We hope you enjoy learning about the important work these organizations are doing for our San Antonio neighbors.

Meet the 2021 Peer Learning Cohort


Founded in 1993, their mission to foster growth through community-based arts has led to the community mural program, El Placazo community newspaper, and an after-school arts program. Each program teaches the techniques of public art while documenting and preserving the rich history of San Antonio’s West Side.


Healthy Futures of Texas works to reduce unplanned pregnancies through education and advocacy that empowers people to make the best decisions for their futures. They work with youth, parents, schools, and community colleges to implement high quality education and clinical referral programs that move the needle on positive outcomes for adolescents in our community.


Working to preserve and protect the culture and traditions of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation and other Indigenous people through education, research, community outreach, economic development projects, and legislative initiatives. Family wellness programs include counseling, restorative practices, programming for youth, and the San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign.


Small, minority-, woman-, and veteran-owned businesses can grow beyond the $1 million mark in revenue faster with help. This center offers cohort programs for small businesses, support groups for entrepreneurs, and a one-week youth program introducing the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


No one is better positioned to bring growth to the West Side of San Antonio than the people and community of the West Side. Prosper West promotes economic development in the areas of housing and real estate, small businesses, cultural preservation, community engagement, promotion and marketing, and placemaking and activation.


No matter where they are in life, students deserve fair access to higher education. Programs like Café College and Road to Success provide advisors, resources, and opportunities to help students of all ages succeed after high school. The San Antonio Education Partnership also awards $2.1 million in scholarships each year to local high school seniors.

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