Overall Economic Segregation Index

In 2015, Richard Florida and the Martin Prosperity Institute released the Overall Economic Segregation Index (OESI).

The OESI examined segregation in the form of income, education, and occupation. It relied on the Dissimilarity Index (DSI) created by sociologists Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton, which calculates the percentage of one group in (this case) a census tract that would have to move to a different census tract to make the distribution equal.

Where San Antonio ranked

San Antonio is one of four Texas cities to be in the top 10 for OESI score. Image from Martin Prosperity Institute. 2015.

According to the OESI, San Antonio ranked #3 in the nation in overall economic segregation. San Antonio’s high overall score resulted from its consistent appearance on the top 10 of most of the indices measured. Among those included:

Segregation of the wealthy (+$200,000/year): #4

Segregation of college graduates: #6

Segregation of non-high school graduates: #7

Segregation of the creative class (40 million Americans, mainly professional labor): #8

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