LLYC 2017<br>Year-in-review


Laity Lodge Youth Camp’s Summer 2017 was arguably its most successful ever, serving 1,540 campers from 1,168 households across Texas and beyond.

Campers got to be themselves and develop relationships with their peers and counselors, while more deeply exploring faith. And the cohesion and depth found in LLYC’s leadership roster—coming up on their fourth consecutive season working together—is a big piece of that success.

“As a team, our experience is beginning to pay off,” said LLYC Senior Director Chandler Pruitt. His team of camp directors, administrators, registrars, and interns work tirelessly in the months leading up to summer to ensure that campers truly have the “best two weeks” of their lives. Every year, their pre-camp processes become more refined with every interview, recruiting trip, and summer planning meeting.

LLYC has also seen growth outside Echo Valley and Singing Hills. Under the guidance of Singing Hills Director Beck Marlar, the LLYC Alumni program has flourished and expanded to new cities. Throughout the year, past and present campers, staff, and friends have more opportunities to reunite and reflect on their memories of camp.

Also, LLYC’s website was relaunched in 2017, and staffers are hard at work with much-needed updates to Youth Camp’s online registration system in time for this fall.

Finally, the current LLYC interns, Nicole Votolato and Jacqueline Brustkern, have been instrumental in helping plan and execute staff retreats this spring. “These two have carried a lot of the weight and knocked events out of the park,” said Chandler. Nicole and Jacqueline will spend the summer as the assistant director at Echo Valley and the assistant girl’s director at Singing Hills, respectively.


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