Listening In: Dee Dee Sedgwick on the home repair ministry that’s fixing roofs and lives

Dee Dee Sedgwick used to take student groups to Memphis, Tennessee to repair the homes of the poor. Then she found out what was happening in San Antonio.

Dee Dee Sedgwick, right, executive director of Blueprint Ministries, speaks about the work her nonprofit does to help repair roofs and substandard housing in San Antonio’s most impoverished areas. The ministry, the largest of its kind in San Antonio, relies mostly on high school student volunteers throughout Texas. “There’s an opportunity to show these kids what life is like beyond their gated community, if I can say that without offending,” Sedgwick said.

Volunteers with Blueprint Ministries repair a roof in San Antonio recently.

This article was originally published by the H.E. Butt Foundation’s Folo Media initiative in 2017.