Give Boldly & With Joy

Families and children depend on SCHOLARSHIPS to experience the Canyon.
Your gift can CHANGE the course of a life.

Your end-of-year giving helps our scholarship recipients in life-changing ways.

Your gift helps ensure a child, family, single adult, or couple with limited means is able to access retreats and camps at Laity Lodge, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, Laity Lodge Family Camp, H. E. Butt Foundation Outdoor School, and H. E. Butt Foundation Camp. Through these programs, they will have an opportunity to slow down, experience a sense of belonging, engage in nature, and deepen relationships. Below are just some of the quotes we received from scholarship recipients this year.

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William Macedo

Echo Valley’s resident trilingual maintenance expert—and former university biochemistry instructor—mostly just loves Jesus and people.

There’s a Fire on the Mountain

Since 2015, Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist Bill Armstrong has led formal prescribed burns every year.

The Importance of Character

We are concerned that so many institutions, organizations, and individuals seem to have lost their guiding compass.

Adults-Only Foundation Camp

Meet Vincent and Mary. After overcoming difficulty of their own, they now help others at their annual marriage retreats through the Foundation Camp program.