Artists in Residence

Laity Lodge never quite closes.

Weekends are full year-round, to be sure, yet in the “down time,” those quieter days between retreats, the place still hums with creative goodness. Through its Artist in Residence program, the Lodge regularly hosts writers, musicians, and visual artists (oftentimes the same people who are leading those weekend retreats) for extended working-stays in the Canyon.

During a two week span in November, a small community of residents took shape: longtime friends of the Lodge, Seattle-based Jeff and Suzy Johnson, served as hosts and part-time chefs for the group, while Jeff also worked on a music project. Twin-Cities musician Ben Kyle focused on writing a batch of new songs. Aberdeen (UK)-based theologian Tom Greggs, finished up a book project. Houston filmmaker/storyteller/cultural anthropologist Marlon F. Hall was also busy writing, while Claire Holley (featured in the previous issue of Echoes) recorded a new album down in the Cody Center.

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