[Interviewer] Dr. Novak, what direction do you think the Congress will open up? Do you think we’re going to be able to get into the—get the religion more involved in these areas of business?

[Dr. Michael Novak] Well, if you think back a little ways to the position of evangelical religion in America, it has for a long time been probably the dominant form of American religion, including more Americans probably than any other kind. Yet it’s the least well known in the centers of culture and intellect in the country. When Jimmy Carter was elected President, the very best political reporters couldn’t rely on their accumulated knowledge to know what is a Baptist. They had to go scurrying around to find out, because they just didn’t know. Yet that’s probably the largest single group of American religious citizens around them. So there’s a tremendous public ignorance about the American people, this one variety among others. And yet, in evangelical America, especially in the South and the West, but the Northwest and all over the country for that matter, there are more and more evangelicals who are more highly educated, who are wealthy, who are successful, who have a very strong grasp on American affairs. And it was inevitable that at some point the whole evangelical culture would become more self-conscience and more confident, more complicated, more eager to join in the solving of our problems around the country. And that’s coming. You can feel it in the conversations. There are very distinguished lawyers, architects, and others, and they’re engaged in every part of American culture.

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