We have an architectural millworks operation here, so what we do is we recreate the old style. It’s really thicker, bold it’s a great ornamentation for homes. The phrase architectural millwork evokes in my mind a higher sense of obligation. We go for quality because we want things to last, because of that though it’s time-consuming, but it’s great satisfaction.

I want to be the best I’m capable of being which hopefully most times is better than what people expect.

What I consider to be the worst decision of my life, I divorced my wife. I made one bad decision after another until I was headlong in full-blown alcoholism and drug addiction and within 11 months it bankrupted that business. I was homeless, unemployed, and living basically on the street. On September 22nd, 2006 the Dallas Police Department arrested me for possession of a controlled substance. I experienced the most overwhelming sense of relief that God was intervening in my life.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to continue living like that. To be able to get a job and hang on to it, was the grace of God. On a daily basis just coming to work reminds me that it’s not about me. When I say it out loud, when I say a twice-convicted felon in the state of Texas has the keys to a small business, has full access, I’m a signer on the checking account, of all things, and yet all that’s been required of me is surrender and just let go. Get up and do what I know is right, and here I am.

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