I’m wanting to love them for who they are, where they are, in that moment, whatever that looks like. That is the person that I’be been entrusted with for that half hour, those four hours or whatever and I’m called to do something for that person in that time. I had a brand new client sit in my chair and the second time I cut his hair [he] divulged a drinking problem he has I didn’t know this guy for more than 45 minutes, and I was like wow but it’s interesting who God put in my chair because there’s a history of that, I have a history of that so I didn’t have to say anything I just cut and I just listen and over the course of our relationship, over the following years it was so hard, “How did you do this?” He would ask questions during a haircut, I mean it’s a haircut.

When people get real, and that’s the other thing people tend to do in my chair, they tend to get real, pretty quick which I love. But it enables me to further come alongside of it and that might be what I’m supposed to be here for and that’s good. So many people that sit in my chair are going through so many things in life that you know you wouldn’t [know], it’s said that we’re told more than most bartenders part hairdresser, part therapist, part counselor and I take that part pretty seriously so I like it when people leave feeling better than when they came in and if they like their hair on top of it it’s kind of a good thing.

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