Dylan Weston is a Pennsylvania native with the heart of a westerner—and a heart for serving God through the work that he does. His video was selected as the winner of the Jubilee 2014 video contest sponsored by The High Calling!


“I love this place. My pap and gram’s farm. Most of my life has been around their dairy farm, and I’ve grown to love the rhythms and schedules of farm life. I believe there’s a reason God has given me certain passions, and it’s connected to my calling: to honor God as a ranch hand or wrangler, and perhaps even one day to own a cattle ranch. I know I need experience, so I’m willing to start at the bottom as a ranch hand. This gives me a chance to focus on serving others, and being a light in the workplace. It matters how I treat coworkers, neighbors, business partners, and the animals that God has provided for the farm. And then there’s the quiet alone time, the close relationship with creation, and the Creator. I think about what it must have been like for Adam when he worked in the garden alongside God. But beyond that, the work itself is good, and honors God. It provides a service to neighbors and employees. It reaches consumers with products and services, and it’s an opportunity to demonstrate proper treatment of the animals God has given us for food. I may not be created to be Billy Graham, but I can serve God in a blue collar job. Other may think it’s insignificant, but if it’s work that matters to God, it’s work that matters to me.”

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