Beaver Nelson works at many things: husband, father, house painter, high school soccer coach, faithful churchman, and rock singer/songwriter. Just his being creates a tension within us good Christian folks. He doesn’t look like the rest of us. Paradox is packaged in personal expression with simple answers tossed aside in a quest for understanding. Beaver challenges us—how do we answer the big questions of life?


[Beaver Voiceover] There are a million tiny risks. I’m sitting down; I’m laying down markers. This is dangerous to me. [Rockin’ music with Beaver singing] There’s a long conversation that’s been going on for thousands of years, discussing what is the nature of man, what is the nature of God. What is the relationship? And I’m just trying to put my two cents in on the conversation. [Music continued] The framing of worlds using melody and words to frame how you view the world. I think that’s one of the reasons I still feel compelled to do this and make things. It helps me to say how I view the world. [Rhythmic song with Beaver and his band] The whole thing requires so much effort. To just make a thing like another thing is just not appealing. [Another one of Beaver’s songs] I decided, I don’t know, some night . . . at some point a decision was made or I realized I had already made that decision to right a very different record. So we remixed the record to take me, all my parts, off of the record. And then we made a film, an albumly film. [People talking in the background before the concert]. Then, I will set up a screen and a projector and my laptop and my guitars, and then I will be able to press play and perform my records start to finish and that’s how I’m going to be touring. I gotta be ready; once I press play I can’t stop. [Beaver introduces the concert and begins singing “When I was a Boy.”] [Clapping] I had to make a record that no one else could say, “Yeah, I could have done that.” I had to make a record that no one else would have made. There are a million tiny risks. I’ve sitting down, I’m laying down markers. This is dangerous to me; it’s tricky. I’m not certain. [Piano music ending]

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