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Every year we receive hundreds of scholarship requests to help offset the costs associated with attending a retreat at one of our five programs based at H. E. Butt Foundation Camps. I wish you could read all the testimonies where you would notice several recurring themes.

Joy,” gratitude,” and “belonging” are words we often hear from scholarship recipients. God is also frequently acknowledged as an important part of the Canyon experience. It’s hard to measure the impact of a single experience of the Canyon on someone’s life, but their words give us a strong clue that their experiences here are often life-changing.

“When my family received the news that I had been given a scholarship, I was overcome with joy. It was the biggest blessing I received, and I will forever be grateful.”

“I experienced joy at a retreat in the midst of financial hardship due to large medical bills. I am so grateful for the experience.”

“I…felt a sense of belonging, connection, and that God was with me.”

This year we anticipate providing scholarships to nearly 500 youth, families, and adults totaling more than $400,000. Many bring burdens related to broken relationships, health issues, loss of employment, and much more. We count on people like you to provide that important time away at Laity Lodge, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, Laity Lodge Family Camp, H. E. Butt Foundation Camps or Outdoor School.

Will you consider renewing your support in 2019 to meet the scholarship need?

Please know, we remain grateful for all that you’ve done to support the work.


David M. Rogers

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Laity Lodge

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