All In

To get all that Laity Lodge Youth Camp has to offer, campers go all in.

Rain or shine, summer 2019 campers were living their best two weeks, playing their way through rainy activities, running to Blue Hole in the Texas heat, and pushing themselves to grow and learn alongside their peers. They brought the same energy to every activity, whether it was a late-night dance or playing spike-ball, all while deepening their personal relationships with God.

During cabin time and Roundup, campers learned about the Beatitudes and how to exemplify them in everyday life. This focus has created a different energy at camp, one that is built on the existing camaraderie and silliness to add a level of fullness and caring between counselors and campers that sustain outside of the Canyon.

As kids exit Laity Lodge Youth Camp and return to their everyday life, these moments are what we hope kids will remember and take with them as a reminder to not be afraid to be all in within their own lives!

Article by William Harrison.

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