A Call for Your Laity Lodge Photos


If you attended a Laity Lodge retreat during the 1960s, ’70s, or ’80s, dust off your scrapbooks and send us a scan* of your photos along with a short account of your time in the Canyon. We’re actively expanding our Archives and seeking to further preserve our history. Each Canyon visitor has a story worth telling, and we’d like you to share as many as possible with us.

*We are happy to accept high-resolution (300 DPI) scans saved as high-quality JPG or TIF files (help us by labeling any participants you can identify). We will also accept photographic prints, negatives, and slides, either as a gift to the Foundation Archives, or to be picked up the next time you come through Kerrville. We’re unable to return physical media but are glad to archive it until you request it back. If you have a large quantity of images to be considered or need help, please contact Foundation Archivist Hannah Hawes at archivist@hebff.org.

To tell our story, we need your perspective. Help us preserve our history through your lens.

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