A Word from David Rogers, Foundation President

Dear Friend,

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, our thoughts turn to family and those who hold a special place in our hearts. Finding that “just right” gift often gets more difficult with each passing year, yet our desire to honor those who are dear to us remains strong.

This year, we invite you to consider a gift in a loved one’s name. Your gift will support scholarships for a child, a family, a single adult, or a couple. You can offer others what we hope has become one of your favorite experiences—that is time spent in the Frio Canyon to experience God’s transformative power.

To honor someone with a Christmas Tribute gift:

  • Print out more coupons by clicking the ‘Coupons’ button below.
  • Consider those special people in your life who you would like to honor and match them with the right option and gift size.
  • Write their name(s) on the top line and sign your name on the bottom.
  • Add the tribute totals and send us your gift securely online by clicking the ‘Give’ button below.
  • Forward the tribute card to that special person(s) to let them know how you and they are impacting lives.

You can offer a double blessing to those you love and to those who are given the opportunity to encounter God in one of the most stunning and hospitable settings in the Texas Hill Country. As you know, the greatest gift anyone can receive is the peace that comes when we grow in our relationship with Christ. Through your support of scholarships, you are creating opportunities for the recipients to experience that.

Thank you for considering this special gift.


Your Impact

This gift helps ensures a child, family, single adult, or couple with limited means is able to access retreats and camps at Laity Lodge, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, Laity Lodge Family Camp, H. E. Butt Foundation Outdoor School, and H. E. Butt Foundation Camp. Through these programs, we serve families and children by supporting cross-generational relationships and communities marked by deep belonging. We invite people into a lifelong faith journey, creating opportunities to encounter God by staking their lives in something larger, deeper, and more enduring.

“This trip with my class was truly inspiring for me. It felt nice to be in such a beautiful place. You don’t get privileges like this every day. I will remember it forever.”

Foundation Camp Stipend Recipient

Just a few of the many scenarios for which people need scholarship assistance:


Families can experience unusual financial setbacks due to serious health concerns. Cancer treatment, expensive unexpected surgeries, chronic medical conditions, and injuries are a few of the consistent reasons a family will seek scholarship assistance for a retreat or camping program. These setbacks can often create additional stress in the home, which is all the more reason a few days or weeks in the Frio Canyon makes a significant difference in maintaining important relationships with loved ones and with God.


For many of our scholarship recipient families, finances have become difficult due to broken marriages. In many cases, one parent is left holding the burden for their family without the support of the other. This can be a sudden, life-changing experience, and you can imagine the difficulty children have with the change. Camp provides a unique environment where children are not only removed from their routines and the chaos back home, but are invited into an environment providing a reset and, oftentimes, renewal with peers, mentors, and God.


The camping and retreat programs in the Frio River Canyon mostly serve regional guests. Over the years, the reach has expanded to include guests from throughout the United States. Scholarships are an important vehicle for families, couples, and single adults who experience the added burden of travel costs to access the benefits of time away from the usual distractions of daily life. Sometimes, all it takes is a small amount to help pave the way for what may be a turning point in someone’s faith journey.

“I’m now more involved in my church because of LLYC. I loved how LLYC is a Judgement free zone. It made me
see what’s really important and that God loves us no matter what clothes we wear or how many followers we have on Twitter.”

LLYC Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you so much for allowing our family the gift of
going to family camp. Our three kids love it more than presents at Christmas!”

LLFC Scholarship Recipient

Tribute Cards

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For More Information

Please contact a member of our development team at
830-315-9206 | info@hebfdn.org